How Can You Tow a Motorcycle in Utah?

Imagine going over to your friend’s place on a Friday night. You are riding your motorcycle and suddenly it starts making noises and stops. You try to start it over and over, but all your efforts are in vain.  Next, you call up a towing company, but guess what?  The location you want to send your bike to is too far off.  So what do you do now to prepare your motorcycle for the long haul? If you are unaware of what you must do, go on and read the following tips we have for you.



Tips to Tow a Motorcycle in Utah

1. Check for Damages

Make sure you properly check your motorcycle for any damages before you hand it over to the towing company. You must make a clear and full report of the existing damages in order to avoid conflicts later on in case the motorcycle is damaged more in the process of towing.  You can also take pictures of your motorcycle before it is towed.

2. Clean Your Motorcycle

If you’ll clean your motorcycle first before towing, you will have a clearer picture of the existing marks and damages on it. You will be more confident about sending your motorcycle with the towing company, since you now have a clear picture of every angle of your motorcycle.

3.  Some Steps You Must Take

Make sure you turn off the alarm of your motorcycle before towing. You will also have to inflate the tires as well as make sure the battery is secured and protected. This is because, if mishandled, the battery can cause an electrical short.  Furthermore, you must be certain about the weight of the motorcycle. You will have to specify it so that you are not charged extra by the towing company.

In addition to all the above steps, one important step is that you take precautions with regards to the gas tank.  If the towing company will tow your motorcycle in a crate, then you must drain your gas tank.  You must also think about unlocking the steering handles, folding the mirrors, and unlocking the forks.  Ensure that you remove loose items such as glove boxes and saddle bags, and if you don’t want to do that, then make an inventory sheet and have it signed by the towing company. This will ensure that the towing company has acknowledged the items that are attached to your motorcycle.


After reading the above blog, we are sure you are familiar with tips on towing a motorcycle in Utah.  Make sure you follow these tips to know how to tow a motorcycle in Utah in the most secured manner.



Make sure you follow these tips to know how to tow a motorcycle in Utah in the most secured manner.